Wine tasting and eating in Nyaung Shwe

We arrived to Nyaung Shwe by air from Bagan late in the morning. The hotel we were staying at Mount Inle Lake Hotel, sent for an airport transport for us. Within 20 minutes or so we were at the lovely hotel checking in. And shortly after, we asked for a tuk-tuk to take us for lunch. We were starved!

We decided to get a bite to eat at One Owl Grill which was pretty close to the hotel. The restaurant has a laid back feel with a cool hipster-ish like decor. The staff was fantastic and the menu is a fusion of Mediterranean and Burmese.


We ordered BBQ chicken skewers and fresh lime and mint juice. It was perfect. Our meal was absolutely delicious and we are glad we picked this spot!


Nyaung Shwe has two top things to see while visiting; taking a boat ride through the spectacular Inle Lake and tasting wines at Red Mount Estates Vineyards and Winery.

Since we were planning on doing a boat tour of the lake the following day, after lunch we jumped on the tuk-tuk and headed out to the winery. It must have been about a 10 minute ride from the restaurant.

The winery is located on top of a hill filled with vineyards and gardens. They have 400,000 grape plants that have been imported from France and Spain. Their wines are produced with a combination of the grapes using French wine making techniques.


The property is stunning and makes an excellent location for an afternoon of taking in beautiful views and wine, which is exactly what we did!

We ordered the wine tasting menu which included two whites, two reds, a placard with a description of each wine and locally grown peanuts. The total was about $5 USD per person.


The wine tasting area is separate from the other buildings. It’s an open air section with lovely views overlooking the gardens and vineyards.


The wines were not bad but not what I expected. Personally I’m a Cabernet drinker, if ordering red, I like them on the bold side and when it it comes to white wines I prefer a buttery Chardonnay. Wine tasting is very subjective and for this test, my palette preferred the Sauvignon Blanc – which is not normal for me.

We finished our tasting and wanted to hang out and enjoy a full glass of wine.

We were shown their restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, where we could order wine by the glass or bottle to enjoy. So we headed to the outside seating area for more magnificent views and some more Sauvignon Blanc.


After enjoying our glass of wine and scenery, we jumped back on the tuk-tuk and headed to our hotel to pick up some bikes and ride around town.

We rode our bikes to the boat jetty, the market and passed some small temples and pagodas. It was fun and exciting….until we got a little lost. But that’s just part of the adventure.


We rode up to Chillax Bistro and decided to go in for some refreshments. Well the refreshments turned in to cocktails (something with fresh mango juice), long conversations and appetizers that turned into our dinner (vegetable tempura and seared beef). It was an excellent end to our day.


Please stay tuned. We have more to come. Feel free to comment, share, like and follow on Facebook and Instagram.



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